Fundraise with Shelton Foods!

Frequently asked questions

Do you only sell pizzas in your fundraisers?

No way! Along with our pizza line we have pizza fries, garlic bread, bratwurst, beef sticks and cookie dough available to sell.

Is there a minimum order?

We know that each fundraiser is unique so we do not require a minimum order.

How much will I make?

The sky is the limit! Profit per product is: $5 per pizza $6 per cookie dough $4 pizza fries and garlic bread $12 Value packs $3 per pack on beef sticks and bratwurst For a full breakdown of pricing see below!

Where and how will our fundraiser be delivered?

Delivery is at any public location of your choosing! Most organizations set up delivery at a community center, church or school. We prepackage each seller individually so that you don't have the headache of digging through products and finding your order. You simply show up and collect your labeled box. Easy peasy.

Let's work together !

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